Monday, October 20, 2008

time flies and weather changes

so yeah. since my last update, ive flown to guangdong, crossed to hong kong, went to vermont for my brother's wedding, flew back to hong kong the eastern route (over europe and russia, thus flying around the world in less than a week - take that, phineas fogg!), spent a night in shenzhen and taught english the next day. since then, for the past two weeks, ive been studying like mad to get caught up with my chinese classes (almost there) and still teaching. the weather in chengdu is now solidly fall (which means i wear a hoodie a home but still bike in shorts and a t) and i can feel myself settling back into the rhythm of my routine. additionally, having been paid once, i am rationing my cash carefully, thus not eating western food, going out, or drinking nice coffee - thats right, i have been reduced to drinking instant coffee. such is the destitute life.
other than the cash situation, everything is good, the friends are great, wont be able to travel for a while but that will also be good on the bank account. im really loving chengdu and living abroad, still very much in the honeymoon stages. i think in about 2-3 weeks it'll start to get cold and ill be missing that beautiful austin non-summer weather. im in for an afternoon of studying, re-reading kavalier and clay, and maybe some video games or a movie. gotta keep it on the cheap, yo.